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It takes a lot to get people's attention this time of year. Give 'em something to remember!

The beauty of Celebration Marketing is that it can be layered on top of whatever you have in place without conflict. You have your big events; we fill in the smaller everyday ones. Keep people everywhere thinking about you with CELEBRATION MARKETING.


The concept began when I managed a flower shop and wanted to give people a reason to think of flowers beyond Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. It turns out that every day is a holiday with its own reasons to celebrate.

Levi Strauss's birthday (February 26th) would be the perfect time to put jeans on sale - even better if it coincides with a local livestock show or rodeo. Did you know that the week after Easter has been designated Egg Salad Week? Grocery stores, restaurants & delis take note. May could be a great time for your bed & breakfast - it's both Date your Mate Month & Better Sleep Month!

Celebration Marketing can also pull diverse businesses together for co-operative advertising. Shopping centers, downtown business associations, Chambers of Commerce all can find ways to pool their resources to tie in to these unusual holidays & more. Market with email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...whatever social media you prefer.

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Happy Hallogivingmas!